A Standard Triumph Sign for Christmas?

We have been after an original Standard Triumph sign c1960 for a few years. They very seldom come available, are often in bad condition and sell for high figures. After missing out on a recent auction (Cheffins £1,900 yes 1,900 pounds – plus fees!) for a Standard Triumph sign we decided to commission a sign to be reproduced. Continue reading “A Standard Triumph Sign for Christmas?”

Paint Stores

A great photo from Martin Murphy, who says, “while going through some photos of my Aunty’s I came across this one. There are no names but it is definitely from the Standard as there was faint markings of the Standard logo.” Continue reading “Paint Stores”

Forward Radiator – Pt 1

The Forward Radiator Company Limited was formed in February 1919 and I started work with them in September, 1922. I was the first clerical employee set on, all the clerical work up to this time having been done by “the boss’. Mr. C. N. Rawsthorne, the Secretary and Director of the Company.

Continue reading “Forward Radiator – Pt 1”