Inter-Departmental Angling Competition

There was a large entry for the Inter-departmental Angling Competition held at Standard Triumphs Angling Society’s waters at Cropredy, recently.

Standard Triumphs provided 27 departmental teams. They met in competition to find out which department had the best anglers. The team from No. 21 Shop, Canley, (aptly known as “Barb” Shop – foreman, Gordon Hook) beat all the favourites and won first place with a good catch of over 10 pounds. They were closely followed by TR Con-rod team in second place-only drams behind the winners! Third place went to Tile- Hill, who won the competition last year.
Standard triumph anglers The winning team from “Barb” Shop. The Foreman is Gordon Hook. Eddie Pountney (left in picture) is the Club representative for the zone.

1. No. 21 Shop
2. T.R. Con-Rods
3. Tile Hill “A”
4. Final Finish
5. Staff 15
6. Toolroom
7. Tile Hill “B”
8. Tinsmiths
9. Radford
10. Radford “4”

1. J. Trevelyan, Tinsmiths
2. J. Wallace, T.R./Con-rods
3. T. Bird, Radford
4. R. Groves, No. 21 Shop
5. Mr. Pickard, Gearbox
6. T. Owen, Tile Hill “A”

Mr. Pickard, Gearbox
J. Chislett, T.R./Con-rods
R. Groves, No. 21 Shop
A. Hear, Final Finish

ARCHIVE: October, 1966