Standard Motors Rugby Pt3 (1947-1948)

Following on for the previous post here are a number of photos of the Standard Motors Rugby Football Club team (SMRFC).standard motor co 1947-1948This photo can be dated with the ball as 1947-1948 season. (See close-up below)

standard motor co 1947***
standard motor co 1947-1948This second photo dates from 1947-48 season too (See close-up below)
UPDATE: My Dad Wal Jones, second row, fourth from the left, with the ball! I think Albert Gale, a friend of my Dads, second row sixth from left.
Wonderful picture….Thank you. Submitted by Maureen Holmes.

Team ref HERE:
1947-1948 team lineup.
R. Jenkins, R. Spencer, F. Castle, G. Buckley, D. Robinson, G. Jenkins, G. Millard, E. Prior, Albert Gale, George Turnbull, Harry Dodd, L. Bloxham, F. Davies, J. Carter and C. Musson.
Sadly this team line up does not match the order in any of the photos. Can you recognise anyone?