I Remember Cash’s Lane

In the ’20s, I remember the Standard Motor Company being situated in Cash’s Lane, bordered by the canal, O’Brien cycle factory, Foleshill Road, and Cash’s Lane, where Kwikfit tyre fitters is now.

I was born and lived in Arthur Street which at that time was a cul-de- sac. Test drivers from the Standard used to drive a chassis with only an engine, windscreen, and seat, out on the roads, and several of them used to come to Arthur Street to make adjustments, to brakes, etc.

I remember the smell of the new exhaust pipes, and when we inquisitive kids asked what they were doing, they used to explain to us instead of telling us to clear off.

They also told us to buy Standards when we were old enough because we knew they would be good, having seen how good they were before the bodies were put on. This ended when the Standard moved to Canley.

After I left School, I worked for a small engineering firm which made components for the bigger car firms, and I machined brake shackles, and also made brake abutments for Standard.

Years later I drove Standard 12s, Standard Roadsters and Vanguards, they were indeed, like the test-driver had said, good cars.

I hasten to point out that they were not my cars, I drove them in the course of my job.

William H Underwood, Shilton, near Coventry.