The Russians are Coming

A delegation of leading automobile engineers from the U.S.S.R. recently visited The Standard Motor Co. Ltd. on a two-week study tour of production methods.

Led by Mr. N. V. Sasanov, Managing Director of the Gorki plant, Russia’s biggest automobile works, the visitors selected The Standard Motor Co. Ltd. for their tour because of the ultra-modern equipment and methods now used on car and tractor manufacture.

In addition to spending several days in various sections of the Company’s factories, the delegation also visited suppliers of pressings, forgings, castings, electrical equip-ment and other accessories. A delegation of executives from The Standard Motor Co. Ltd. has just returned from a reciprol visit to the U.S.S.R. to study conditions there.

Taken in front of the final assembly shop at Canley, the photograph shows—left to right—Mr. M. N. Pokrowski ; Mr. A. V. Bolotov ; Mr. S. Y. Kireev ; Mr. C. E. Andrews, Export Commercial Executive, The Standard Motor Co. Ltd. ; Mr. E. N. Matveev Mr. Koval ; Mr. N. V. Sasanov, leader of the delegation Mr. Algin Mr. T. S. W. Jarvis, Interpreter ; Mr. J. Harris, Chief Production Engineer, Banner Lane Factory, The Standard Motor Co. Ltd. ; and Mr. S. A. Laptiev.

ARCHIVE: August, 1957