Evelyn West

I first started at The Standard in 1957 at the Banner Lane offices working as a junior for the Supply Division. In 1959 I transferred to Canley working for the Production Control manager Mr Biggs as a typist typing instructions sheets to be sent around the factory for the factory workers to build the cars, I left in 1960 to have a baby.

I went back to the Standard in 1963 in the Shipping Office at Fletch South, I worked for Ken Jackson typing shipping documents for the cars to be exported all around the world, I left their in 1967 to have my second baby.

I went back in 1969 to the Shipping Office working for Frank Stenton doing the same job as before. In about 1977 the shipping dept was moved to Longbridge so I moved on to the Car Release Dept typing documents for the TR7’s leaving Liverpool, my manager was Ken Jackson. I was made redundant on 31st December 1980.

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