Frank Lord

Frank Kershaw Lord.

frank lord
Frank Lord, seen here in 1948 as Production Manager (Tractors) Banner Lane

Consultant, Standard Motor Co., Ltd., from January, 1959
Born April 5, 1893
Served apprenticeship with John Holroyd and Co., Ltd., Milnrow.
1908-14; served with Royal Flying Corps, 1914-18; on engine testing with W. H. Dorman and Co., Ltd., Stafford.
1919-23; ratefixer with James Archdale and Co., Ltd., Birmingham, 1923-25.
Chief process and planning engineer with Triumph Cycle Co., Ltd., Coventry. 1925-35; Production Manager, Standard Motor Co. Ltd.,
1936-50 Special Director (Plant)
1950-56; (Plant and Planning)
1956-58; member of Council, Production Engineering Research Association of Great Britain.


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