Mick Carroll – Herald Trim & Final Finish

Mick Carroll (67), a fitter in Herald Trim and Finish, Canley, retired after 15 years’ service.

Mick first started in the Engine Shop, moved to No. 15 Shop, and eventually to Herald Trim. For Mick’s workmates, Foreman George Awde presented a sum of money with best wishes for his future. Mick is a member of Coventry’s Veteran Variety Artistes Association and also a member of Coventry’s Magic Circle.

Mr and Mrs Carroll live in Foleshill Road. They have two married sons, and three grand-children.

Archive: November, 1972

“Can’t remember Mick when I worked in the Herald Trim… but I remember George Awde well. Brilliant foreman and bloke. Was a very decent amateur footballer in his day as I recall. And the guy on the right also became my foreman, Roly Stokes. Another great fella who let me away with murder as a youngster! Rolling in late in the morning after the nightclub binge. Very happy memories of a couple of very decent blokes.”
John D’Arcy