Social Outings Pt1

There is little doubt that the Standard Triumph works offered many opportunities for social occasions for all the employees.
Many departments and inter-departments held parties and get-togethers throughout the year. Here are a series of photos from the fabulous Jock Brown archive and all were taken during his time at Coventry. Sadly many of the people we cannot name – but happily look at the good time they all seemed to be having. Any comments, we know, we’ll add to the photos. If you can add any names then please, as ever, do get in touch.

Over to Jock to introduce…

So we’d date the photos from the 1950’s. Jock Brown was to leave Coventry to work at The London Sales Depot from 1960.  The lady with the flowers here is Jock’s wife Gladys. Mrs Brown, whose maiden name was Bolton, was born at Radcliffe Road, Coventry and was a former pupil of Earlsdon School.

September 1951 Jock Brown became Chief Inspector for the Company with responsibility for the complete car assembly, including Machine Shop and Tractor Engine Build. He held this position until 1956 when he returned to the Service Department at Allesley as Service Manager.

Above. Jock can be seen and to his left (our right) is his secretary Nora Allingham.
Hat’s Off at this event.
A party. The little girl on the left is Jock Brown’s daughter, Gillian Brown who was born in 1939 – so we’d date this photo c1950. Gladys Brown is third from the right.
…and a meal. It looks like the gent in the middle has spotted something he doesn’t approve of, whilst Jock seasons his food.

More to follow…