Standard Triumph Pensioners

THE annual dinner for retired Standard employees was held at the Company’s Canley Pavilion on Friday, 10th February, 1950.

Over 150 guests attended this pleasant and successful function at which Mr K. Aspland (Secretary of The Standard Motor Co. Ltd.) was present. After an excellent dinner, Mr. J. Davis (Recreation Secretary) who was in the Chair, proposed the loyal toast and then introduced Mr Grimsley (the retired employees Social Chairman) who spoke on behalf of the guests.

Speaking of Sir John Black’s vivid interest in all the pensioner’s activities, Mr. Aspland said that it was entirely at Sir John’s instigation that revision of the Long Service Grants recently took place. “The pensioners were a growing family,” said Mr. Aspland. Membership had increased by thirty-eight in the last year. He mentioned that the Company considered it important that old employees should keep in frequent contact with the firm and each other, and concluded by thanking all the guests for attending and expressed the Company’s pleasure at their presence.

Highlight of the entertainment that followed was the screening of the 1949 Standard Holiday Camp Film, which included scenes showing Sir John Black with retired employees during their visit to the Camp.

Above Mr. K. Aspland (5th from left) photographed with a smiling group of the guests. Seated is Mrs. Pope and standing, from left to right are: J. Ward, H. Bassett, R. Davis, J. Willacy, Mr. K. Aspland, J. Hurst, W. Elliott, T. Grimsley, F. Pafrish, G. Miller, J. Timms, A. Aldred, A. Geary, F. Kleiter, C. Roberts, G. Povey, H. Young, E. Richards, J. Cowdell, E. Hawker, A. Fulham.

ED: We had details for the following:
J. Cowdell
– Drawing Office Supervisor. Cash’s Lane ref. 1922
Kleiter, Fred – Crankshaft shop at Canley Supervisor. c1930 Retired in 1948.
Hurst, ‘Tech’ – Pre War. Design Office
Elliott, W F – Machinist. Service: 1906 – 1948. 43 Years Service.
Hawker, J – Machine Shop, Cash’s Lane ref. 1926