William Barratt – Engine Assembly

William Barratt completed 50 years’ service in 1972 before retirement. He had always been a fitter and had worked for most of his time on Engine Assembly.

william barratt
PD Lilly (L) presented William Barratt (R) with Premium Bonds from Standard Triumph

William, known as Bill well remembered his old time foreman, Mr. Lenton. Bill had many years experience on the track but liked his later work on the bench under Mr Woodfield.

He received Premium Bonds from the Directors and the Company and as a retirement gift Cliff Rice, shop steward, presented a sum of money from Engine Assembly. Bill intends to stay in Coventry and devote his leisure to his garden.

ARCHIVE : January, 1973

Alec Botterill shown on photo, far right.
Submitted by David Mileham