Factory Photos (and a TR4) from 1967

Canadian Jack Blair recalls his brand new TR4 and a trip to Standard Triumph to collect it.

In December of 1967, I had travelled from my UK home in Manchester to London in order to join a group of friends on a ski trip to the Tyrol in Kitzbuhel, Austria.  When I arrived I found that my good friend Art had bought a new MGB.  He said he had been looking at the TRs as well, but decided on the MGB.  He added that he heard a rumour that the TR4As were going to have their price reduced to make way for a new model.  That was all the motivation I needed.  With about four hours to go until our train left, I rushed to the dealer, negotiated a deal, phoned Calgary to get the money on a loan from my old, friendly, bank manager and bought my new TR4A for $2700.  I barely made it back in time to catch the train to Kitzbuhel.
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