The Phillips Trophy Pt2

Following on from the article on the Phillips Trophy, we can see the two teams that took place in the final on April 30th, 1931.standard motors football teams
NOTE: The teams (A Machine Shop, Cash’s Lane on in the stripes on the left and the Finishing Department, Canley in the dark strip are on the right) Only the team members are listed with A and B, marked on the photo, to determine the two key characters at the front.

Top Row: H. Smith, W. Castledine, H. Lawrence.
Middle Row: W. Barnett, W. Curry, C. Brooks, H. Slater, J. Varney, C. Stafford.
Bottom Row: E. Moseley, H. Sutton, W. H. Smith, T. Beaman, S. Tarrant, Mr. S.O. Beaumont. (Marked A)

Top Row: J. Millard, L. Ansell, S. Armstrong.
Middle Row: S. Carter, F. Monk, A. Warwick,  W. Whitehead, J. Grady, W. Clarke. Bottom Row: Mr. G. A. Phillips, F. Cramp, W. Harban, N. Bass,  G. Trivett, F. McGowran.