Allesley Old Boys

A fascinating document has come through which we’ll post further details at a later date. We thought we’d upload a teaser and see if any first names can be added so we can add the names to the database. Some we know – and have even contributed to the database too – and others have promised to send info through but we are still waiting (Dave!!)

The link is that the list of names all worked at Allesley.
Can you help with any first names to this list?

Thanks to everyone getting in touch with names.

C Ainge – Reg Arms –  Roger Barnett – Harry Bastow – Mick Brookes – Jock Brown – Frank Cridland

Lew DaviesHarry Dodd – Geoff Donnely – John England – Mick Enstone – Tony Ewan – Morley Faulkner

Basil Fife – Dave Gleed – Bob Gough – Peter Goult – Alec Haigh – Barry Harridance – Ray Hay

Sean Jefferies – B JenkinsTony Lee – Geoff Limebeer – John Lloyd – Tony Lord – Keith Lumkin

John Lumsden – Jack Male – Tom McCullogh – Robin Mills – Bev Muston – Neville Neal –  Peter Pockett

G ReadingC RichardsonColin Ritchie – John Rock – Dave Roginson – D Sage – Vaughan Satchwell

G Shaw –  Mick Smith – Jack Stanley – Joe Tabone – Stan Thomas – Freddie Troop – Pam Voller –

Jim Wallace – Geoff Wise – Eric Woods.

Update: Allesley Stalwarts Retiring