Cops and Robbers!

On Thursday, 17th July, 1952 Mr. C. J. Hazell, a gang tester in The Standard Motor Co. Ltd’s works at Park Royal, London, N.W.10, was testing a car near the factory when he noticed a crowd at the corner of a street.

Two employees of a local firm had been attacked and robbed by a youth while on their way from the bank with £500 in wages money. The boy, after hitting one of the men with a cosh, snatched the bag containing the wages, and ran off, chased by passers-by. Mr. Hazell sized up the situation and drove down one of the many alleyways in an attempt to cut of the thief’s way of escape, but missed him, as he had apparently doubled back on his tracks.

Returning to the back entrance of the Standard factory nearby Mr. Hazell picked up his charge hand, Mr. R. Fitt, and they drove off along alleyway thinking that the thief might be making for the railway station. They soon saw him running along in front of them and were able to pin him against a wall and hold him until a policeman arrived, then they all drove back to Acton Police Station. The bag, which had been thrown away in the dash, was afterwards recovered, intact. It was no doubt, due to the very prompt action of Mr Hazell and Mr. Fitt that an arrest was possible.

ARCHIVE: July, 1952