Hubert Lawrence

HUBERT LAWRENCE, a chargehand in the Toolroom, Radford factory, retired recently after 51 years and 10 months with the Company. This is one of our longest service records. Hubert started as an indentured machinist and fitter in 1919.

hubert lawrence Standard Triumph

Hubert Lawrence was born in Swindon but later his parents moved to Stoke Heath. This district was then outside the city of Coventry where the school leaving age was 14. Thus, Hubert, at the age of 13, was able to leave school and start work for our Company in 1919. He began at Cash’s Lane under Joe Cowdall in the Drawing Office, as an indentured machinist and fitter. Later he moved to capstan work under foreman Albert Walton, and then went on to centre lathe work under Mr. Taylor.

After some time, Hubert had a spell on Production grinding under foreman Charlie Harrison — remembered as ” the last bowler-hatted foreman.” At Cash’s Lane, Hubert did a lot of night work — hours 5.30 p.m. to 4 a.m. Eventually, at a wage of 8/-s. per week, he graduated to the Toolroom. It is interesting to note that even in those days of 50 years ago our Company had a training scheme for young people and Hubert gained practical experience in operating many types of machine tools.

In his younger days, Hubert was a good soccer player. At times, at Cash’s Lane, the Toolroom worked from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays — and Hubert had to plead for time off to play in inter-departmental soccer matches ! He is proud of a winner’s medal and a runner-up medal which he won in inter-departmental football whilst at Cash’s Lane.

Hubert worked in the Toolroom at Cash’s Lane under foreman Billy Wood, and had been on Toolroom work ever since. He moved with the department to Canley in 1937, and then became a Toolroom chargehand at Radford fac-tory in 1960.

Mr. A. C. A. Johnson, Toolroom executive presented Hubert with a retirement gift of money from Radford employees. He also thanked him for his loyal and excellent work.

September 1971