Update: 750 Names

We have hit 750 names – a fantastic number, many with stories and comments too we are still sorting through, we love to read them all! We have had all different departments mentioned, with workers named being ‘spotted’ by others who remember them!

This week we were featured in the Coventry Evening Telegraph and mid-week we were on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio. There are promotional things in the pipeline too so watch this space!

Achievements So Far.
A great list of names and a whole host of memories (many of which we will pull out as articles you can read).  We have even had our first “that’s me in the photo” from one of the pictures in our Gallery or Posts.

The System How it is Working.
A lot of the names that come forward do come through as John Smith – ideally we’d like them as Smith, John – so they can be found easier at a later date in alphabetical order by the surname.  We have had submissions again from people (because we change the listing via surname) so please be assured we do add all the names.

If you use the ‘submit name’ form we get the details and, once moderated, they are added to the database. This method we do not get any contact details from you unless, (as some people have) included an email address or contact details in the post. Some entries warrant lots more info from you and we have no way of asking for more – so if you would like to get involved more please leave an email/contact info in the post – or email us separately.
Please note: Any contact details submitted in the ‘Submit a Name’ section are removed from the final listing.

We’ve had our first large scale SPAM attack, so we have disabled all new registrations for those of you wishing to comment on any posts. If you would like to comment please email us at iwas@triumphworks.co.uk Thank you.

Errors and Amendments
If you see your name and would like to make any changes to the listing please email us the changes. You can add any new details at any time. If you are a Smith, John – remember it may not be you as, many names would repeat in such a large company, over a large number of years. So ensure you pick out the right submission.

We have added a counter at the bottom of each page, to date we have had over 5,000 visitors on the site!

Once again thank you for all the entries!
Feb 17, 2016

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