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Jackman, Bernard
Managing Director of Rover Triumph, 1973-1975
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Jackson, R S
Production Control
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

James, George
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

James, Joan
Secretary Maintenance Fletch South
Submitted by: Alwyne Bates

James, Walter
Nickname Nobby my dad worked at the Standard and the Morris
Submitted by: Sandra James

James, Walter (Nobby)
Nobby aka Walter James
Submitted by: Sandra James

Jaques, Malc
My dad Malc Jaques worked there
Submitted by: Julie Tutchener

Jeanes, DavidSubmitted by: Alan Goodwin

Jeffcoate, CecilSubmitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Jeffcoatt, Arthur (Paddy)

Jefferson, Alec C
Work on DUD Line final finish from 1962 to 1980
Submitted by: Alec c Jefferson

Jefferson, Alex H
Herald trim & finish 21 shop inspection foreman 1958 to the end !!
Submitted by: Alec C Jefferson

Jeffries, George
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Jeffs, J C
Spares Production Executive
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Jennings, Edward
Fork lift driver Spares Dept Maintenance Dept Fletch South c 1971-80
Submitted by: Alwyne Bates

Jennings, Fred
Rear axle inspector: I worked at Standard Triumph for 40 years, 27 of which were at the Capmartin Road site. At 16, I started doing my apprenticeship with Standard, working on the Vanguard, but then moved to Radford with the factory. I built the very first Herald through to the very last, only leaving when the plant closed in 1986. It was my job to make sure that nothing got through that wasn't perfect. I remember one car I owned where everything had to be replaced, except for the rear axle, that was the only thing that hadn't been changed!
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Jennings, Jack
Rocket Range
Submitted by: John D\'Arcy

Jennings, John (Jack)Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Jephcott, Arthur
Chargehand, Engine Assembly, 1929
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Jerrams, Richard (Dick)
Sales conversion from approx 1970 to closure in 82
Submitted by: David Trivett

Johnston, Andy
Assembly Shop. Tile Hill. "It was a lovely place to work. There was great camaraderie. They weren't just colleagues, they were all your mates. It was a marvellous place to work."
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Joiner, Roy
Experimental dept
Submitted by: Alwyne Bates

Jolly, Roy
I was transferred for Rover to Triumph as an apprentice when Rover Triumph were combined in about 1973. Myself and Roy Jolly were the first 2 to move between the companies. Roy was on the drawing board and went on to show great engineering expertise in engine design at Canley, Longbridge and BMW.
Submitted by: Alan Goodwin

Jones, Bill
My dad worked there on nights for many years. Sadly he is no longer with us
Submitted by: Carol Wallen

Jones, Dennis
Worked in the Cost Office from 1963 to 1968
Submitted by: Dennis Jones

Jones, Ernie
Chassis design
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Jones, Frank
My dad worked there Frank Jones, 1970s I think it was, he also played for the bowls team xxx
Submitted by: Mandy Fellows

Jones, GeorgeSubmitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Jones, John
My father John Jones, worked there as a tool setter charge hand. He was there from about 1962 till the day it closed down permanently.
Submitted by: Ann-Marie Staples

Jones, Johnny
Foreman, Barb Line in the Rocket Range c1960's
Submitted by: Ian Elmer

Jones, Ken
Production buyer in Fletch North
Submitted by: John Cremins

Jones, TomSubmitted by: Triumph Works Archive

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triumph workers


  • Deliveries Pt1 - A fantastic photo show a team of ladies that were tasked to deliver cars, in the most cases, to the ports for export.
  • Milk - Such a common commodity – and what has it got to do with Standard Triumph?
  • Ernest Alwyne Bates (Ernie) - Ernie (Ernest Alwyne) Bates was cutter grinding in the early days and then 6 Cylinder Superintendent till the end in 1981 (he was there till approx a year after Factory closed, disposing of the machinery etc in his department, as other’s  had to do. Alwyne Bates (son) Here is a great photo, in happier times, …
  • Standard Triumph, Standard or Triumph or Both? - Interesting letter by JR Davy, 1978
  • The Last Car at Canley? - A very sad photo showing the last car – a Triumph Spitfire coming off the line.
  • The Big ‘O’ - Standard Triumph welcomed a huge number of visitors to the works with many famous faces amongst the visitors warranting an official photograph or two.
  • TR2 WVC575 - A unique piece of Triumph history has gone on display at the RAC Club in Pall Mall, London, this week. There aren’t many bits of early Triumph TR history left. Of the genesis of the Standard Triumph range of sports cars, from TRs to Spitfires, Stags and GT6s, we have little to point at and say, “That’s the start of it …
  • Arthur Frost – and Hirohito - This photo shows the visit of the then Crown Prince Hirohito’s visit to the Standard Motor Works in around the early to mid 1920’s*. The smartly uniformed chap saluting (1) the Crown Prince (2) was none other than my grandad Arthur Frost (1900 – 1969) who was the companies Commissionaire. Sir John Black can also been seen …
  • Walter Belgrove - Born in Liverpool, where he attended the Liverpool College of Art, in 1927 Walter Belgrove moved to Coventry where he was hired by Triumph, after some years of apprenticeship first at the “J. Blake and Co.” body shop in Liverpool, then at “Windovers” in London, where he practiced both the design and the bodyworks modeling. In 1931 Belgrove moved from …
  • Canley Halt – the Railway - Canley Halt was opened for passengers on 30th September 1940, primarily to serve the nearby Standard Motor Company’s Works. The crossing had previously been known as Canley Gates from its inception when the London & Birmingham Railway first provided a gate keeper’s house in 1838 to man the gates.

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