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Kavanagh, Geraldine
Worked in spares at Canley in the offices where Sainsbury's is now
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Kay, Derrick
My dad worked there
Submitted by: Jackie Kay-Finnegan

Ke, Roger

Keeling, Tony
My name is Tony Keeling and I was at the Standard Triumph transferring from Morris Bodies which was part of British Leyland 1968. I was on the Rocket Range for some time and Final Finish later transferring to Press Cars after the Canley Site closed we all moved to Gaydon.
Submitted by: Tony Keeling

Keepax, David
Stylist. Service 1966 to 1997
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Kelly, Des
Engineering Development Department More
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Kelly, Elisabeth
Powers Card Room
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Kelly, Marie
Credit Section c1959
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Kelly, Rita
My beautiful little mum Rita Kelly worked there in the 60s painting the grills for the cars. She left in 1964 to have me
Submitted by: Carole Flynn

Kelly, Roy
Electricians mate. Maintenance Dept Fletch South c 1971-80
Submitted by: Alwyne Bates

Ken, Keeling
Paint Sprayer
Submitted by: Alan Keeling

Kendrick, Bernard
Press Shop
Submitted by: Jane Branson-Clayden

Kennedy, E
Tool Room, Banner Lane c1959 Chairman of the Bowls Club
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Kennedy, PatSubmitted by: Alex Murray

Kennedy, Roger
Draughtsman worked at Auto Body Designs in Dunstable part of British Leyland working on detail drawings and schemes for the code name "Bullet" But support was required in the main drawing office at Canley close to the launch there four of us from Dunstable used to travel daily to Coventry to assist with the last minute designs required. As a young motor enthusiast I was very excited to be able to walk round the factory and go to the design studio. I was very sad when I was called back to the office in Dunstable due to pay negotiation at Canley
Submitted by: Roger Kennedy

Kenny, Bill
Trim Foreman

Kent, Harold
My father Harold Kent worked in the rocket range. He was there till the very end. Very sad how it closed down
Submitted by: Richard Kent

Kerridge, ElsieSubmitted by: Carmel Langdon

Key, W G
Supply Executive, c1961
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Keyte, George William
Production Paint Supervisor. Joined the company in 1956 and was in charge of the new paint shop c1959
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

King, Brian
1973 started in the Rig Test Dept at Fletch North, then Prototype Build. Left Rover Group in 1999.
Submitted by: Brian King

King, PatrickSubmitted by: Alan Bateman

King, Peter
Engineering Development Department More
Submitted by: Malcolm Whittaker

King, RodSubmitted by: Alan Goodwin

Kinnond Jack
36 years service
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Kinnond, Brenda
I started there in 1952 packing parts for cars to be made in Australia, New Zealand, India. Then I moved to the trim shop and was there for 18 years altogether.
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Kirkham, John
I joined in August 1958, working in the Experimental Workshop Stores at Banner Lane where the final prototypes of the soon to be launched Triumph Herald were being made and tested.rnrnAfter a few months, I signed up for a five-year Apprenticeship and enjoyed a very interesting time working in the following locations; Gearbox Assembly at Fletch South, working on the assembly and testing of gearboxes, Engine Assembly at Canley, working on the assembly line and in the rectification area, Chassis Drawing Office at Fletch North in the Engineering Department, working with Draughtsmen and Design Engineers, Service Workshop and Repair Shop at Allesley, working on car maintenance and servicing, and accident repairs. Technical Publications Department at Banner Lane, Radford and Allesley, working on the preparation of Operator Instruction Handbooks and Workshop Service Manuals.rnThis provided me with excellent engineering knowledge and experience for the future working with very dedicated and helpful people. Aug 1958 to Dec 1963
Submitted by: John Kirkham

Kirkham, Tom
(My grandad) Started in March 1941 and retired on 24th March 1979 (38 years). When he started they were making the DeHavilland Mosquito fighter/bomber - then he worked on sequencing the track - Vanguard / Mayflower / Renown / Standard 8 & 10. Also spent time at Banner Lane (Standard were there for a while) Worked for many years in the Specification office (Fletch North) and was a supervisor when he retired - died in July 1984 (aged 66) Click Here For More
Submitted by: Michael Winterton

Kitt, Kathleen
My mum Kathleen Bryant (nee Kitt) was a cleaner, I think she cleaned in Ivy Cottage, and I think Sir John Blacks office. She used to bring home discarded drawings, blue, printed on cotton material, when washed made lovely hankies!!!
Submitted by: Ann Reece

Kleiter, Fred
Crankshaft shop at Canley Supervisor. c1930 Retired in 1948.
Submitted by: Luke Garland

Knight, E
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

Knight, LenSubmitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Knott, Frank
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Knott, Joseph Norman
My father. I believe he was a parts executive in Coventry, I believe. He left in the mid 1970s. He bought my mother a beautiful dark green Herald convertible, but sadly they did not keep that car. I would love to have it now!
Submitted by: Jane Keathley

Knox, Jimmy
My dad worked at the standard Truimph Plant Canley on, I believe, the final finish line? I am not sure what cars my dad worked on but I believe they included the herald and the spitfire? My dad worked at the Canley Plant from 1960 to 1980/1 and took redundancy from the plant which I believe at that time was then British Leyland. My dad was from Falkirk in Scotland and came down to Coventry in 1960s to find work. My dad was by trade a coach builder/carpenter. After taking redundancy my dad returned to Falkirk and now has passed away in 2003. Thank you. Mr James Knox (son)
Submitted by: James Knox

Kockelbergh, Reg
From 1945 Reg worked for Armstrong Whitworth at Baginton and at Standard Triumph (later Rover) until he retired.
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Krnjulac, Marko
I was a maintenance electrician at the Canley plant mid to late 70's, best job I ever had looking back on it.
Submitted by: Marko Krnjulac

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triumph workers


  • Cyril West - I started at the Standard in 1959, I spent 10 years in the paint shop, the first few years on the sound deadening then masking and spirit white on the side track.
  • Evelyn West - I first started at The Standard in 1957 at the Banner Lane offices working as a junior for the Supply Division. In 1959 I transferred to Canley working for the Production Control manager Mr Biggs as a typist typing instructions sheets to be sent around the factory for the factory workers to build the cars, …
  • Jack Taylor – Quality Control - Jack Taylor worked for Standard Triumph at Canley as a Quality Control Engineer. He had originally been employed at an Air Ministry inspectorate between 1936 and 1947, becoming involved with the Standard Motor Company because of their contract to build Mosquito aircraft during the war.
  • William Charles Vincent - Mr W Vincent in New Zealand, has identified that the Chauffeur in the picture below was his grandfather William Charles Vincent. The photos date from 1911.
  • Eric Camwell - I WAS an apprentice at the Raleigh company in 1930 and later worked for Daimler.
  • A Visit to the Triumph Works – 1957 - A Visit to the Triumph Works We headed for Coventry and drove along the Ring Road to the factory of the Standard Motor Company Ltd., where Triumph TR3s are assembled.
  • Albert Edward Smith - WHEN the 83,139th and last Standard Eight rolled off the production line at Canley in July 1948, it wasn’t sold or given to a museum.
  • Ivor Penrice – Dollars for TR3s - Dollars for TR3s It is becoming increasingly difficult to think-up new publicity stunts but Mr. I. J. Penrice, Publicity Manager of the Standard Motor Co., Ltd., scored a distinct triumph in this direction when he heard that 40 members of the American Triumph Sports Owners’ Association wished to purchase new TR3s.
  • Comptometers Part 2 - Following on from earlier posts about Comptometers – we have been donated this incredible machine which was rescued from a skip direct from the Standard Triumph works!
  • The Last Triumph Herald – Names - The photograph of the last Triumph Herald off the production line has offered a new name…

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