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There are 35 names in this directory beginning with the letter O.
O'Brian, Gerry
Body maker
Submitted by: Gary Faulkner

O'Connor, Dick
Triumph motors maintenance Ron Smith, Phil West, Bill Wolohan, Dave Mckeown, Jimmy Mulholland, Barry Widlake, Dick O'Connor many more 1970s and me!
Submitted by: Ken Garrett

O'Donoghue, T
Maintenance Retired Feb/March 1979
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

O'Keeffe, Jim
My dad Jim O'Keeffe worked at the Standard in the early sixties. He was also the goalkeeper for their work football team
Submitted by: Helen O\'Keeffe

O'Mara, Les
Worked on the track from the early 60s until he was made redundant in the 80s
Submitted by: Joanne Day

O'Neill, Arthur
Inspector Engineering. Service 1959-1972
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

O'Neill, Phil
My grandad Phil O'Neill worked at the Standard for years after the war (was a train driver before that)
Submitted by: Mark Brain

O'Really, Matthew
My dad was a supervisor there his name was Matthew o ' really sadly he passed away in his 30s
Submitted by: Kathy Busby

O'Shea, D
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

O'Sullivan, DavidSubmitted by: Triumph Works Archive

O'Toole, Bill
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

O’Connor, Jim
Dad worked at Canley from circa 1963-1975. He sadly passed away in 1998.
Submitted by: Chris Quinney

Oakes, Jack
Fletch North, Bought-Out Inspection Assembly Shop. Foreman
Submitted by: Alan Whitmore

Oakley, E
Chief Safety Officer, c1973
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

Odgers, Betty
Wages Clerk 9 Years Service 1959-1968 More
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

Ogilvie, Jimmy
Paint Trim and Assembly Planning Section c1972
Submitted by: Malcolm Dunn

Oldfield, Bill
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Oldfield, Harold
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Oliver, JamesSubmitted by: Alan Bateman

Olorenshaw, CecilSubmitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Orr, William Charles Edward
Standard Motor Co., Ltd., 1916; drawing office. Standard Motor Co., Ltd., 1930-38; works manager, b: June 26, 1902 Armstrong Siddeley, 1926-30; in charge experimental engine section, Standard Motor Co., Ltd., 1930-38; works manager, then works director, Jaguar Cars, Ltd., 1938. Manager, Car Division, Armstrong Siddeley Motors, Ltd.,1957-59
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Orton, Sydney
33 years service. Retired 1961. Died, aged 66 October 14, 1963
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

Osborne, A S
Sales Manager c1936 More
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

Osmond, EdSubmitted by: Alan Goodwin

Oswin, Alfred
Inspection Dept Service: 1911-1955
Submitted by: Martin Cox Archive

Overton ?
Ratefixing Department, Canley c1960
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

Overton, William (Bill)

Owen, Carol (nee Bartholomew)
Typing Pool Supervisor where I met her and married her in 1967
Submitted by: Garry Owen

Owen, Diane
Diane Fraser nee Owen worked in Home Sales
Submitted by: Ian Fraser

Owen, Garry
Apprentice 1962-1967, worked in body shop, Final Assembly, Body Development, Torrington Avenue Body Shop, Body Tooling and Cost Investigation then left after finishing apprenticeship. Returned 1978- 82 as Chief Industrial Engineer and then Works Manager.
Submitted by: Garry Owen

Owen, Garry
My father in law use to work in the Experimental shop, for a number of years
Submitted by: Ian Fraser

Owen, Lynne
I worked 1971-1979 Spares on the Highway (Fletch)
Submitted by: Lynne Owen

Owen, Wally
My husband Wally Owen worked in the new assemble hall on the track inspection around 1964 till the plant closed
Submitted by: Debbie Owen

Owen, William
Worked in the machine shop....I think. 1930's through to 1960's? Talked of there being a ghost who used to keep undoing his shoe laces!
Submitted by: Jill Whelan ( Owen)

Owens, Denis
Submitted by: Malcolm Dunn

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triumph workers
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Ivy Cottage, Canley

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triumph workers


  • Ron Benfield and Bill Timms - I recently received my addition of the Triumph Herald book thank you.  I am also interested in a photograph appearing on the “Submit Your Memories” slip that accompanied the book.
  • The Last TE20 - Workers at Massey Ferguson celebrate the 517,651st and last TE 20 tractor to roll off the assembly line at Banner Lane, Coventry. Circa June 1956.
  • Bernard Spittle – Planning Department - Bernard Frank Spittle – Chief Planning Engineer, Australia.
  • Field Marshal the Viscount Montgomery, KG, GCB, DSO - On Saturday, October 4th, a very warm welcome home was given to the employees of The Standard Motor Company Ltd., who have returned from service with the forces. The event, “A Welcome Home Party,” was held at the Company’s Banner Lane Canteen.
  • Factory Photo – Unknown Date - This grainy photograph sees Ivy Cottage at the very centre of the photo and the original dispatch area for finished vehicles to the left.
  • Body Shells - This photo shows finished body shells for the Stag and TR6.
  • The Standard Pub - “Held up as the best,” says the famous Atkinson’s advertisement. And no exception is “The Standard,” the new Atkinson’s public house at Eastern Green, just down the road from Standard’s Banner Lane factory on the outskirts of Coventry.
  • My Standard Memories by Alan Evans Pt2 - The Canley and Fletchamstead areas were very busy every working day with thousands of people travelling to work at the Standard or other factories in the area.
  • My Standard Memories by Alan Evans Pt1 - I was born in Oldfield Road, Chapelfields in 1942. Many of the men who lived in our road worked at the Standard as it was only a short walk across Hearsall Common to the Canley factory.
  • Leonard Woodall - Standard Motor Company appoint New Director.

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