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Yates, Jack
Chief Test Driver
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Yates, Ted
Submitted by: Tom Braund

Young, Dennis
My grandad worked there from the age of 14 (about 1939), but signed up to the navy aged 15 (after lying about his age!) and returned to work here after the war (1945/46) as jobs were kept open. Worked here until everyone was made redundant. He worked on both Standard and Standard Triumph, and I think he worked in the gear box room.
Submitted by: Kayleigh Thomson

Young, Fred
Rover Triumph projects director. After the war, he took up a post with Standard and by 1971, had become manufacturing manager for the Canley, Tile Hill and Radford plants, responsible for more than 10,000 staff. Responsible for planning and executing the relocation of TR7 production from Speke in Liverpool to Coventry before taking early retirement in 1980.
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Young, J (Mrs)
It certainly was a great firm to work for. Sir John Black was a frequent visitor to our office, and I typed the letter thanking him for the bonus we received in respect to the profits the firm made during the year.
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Younger, Tim
Body Section
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Archive

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triumph workers
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triumph workers


  • Percy Cleydon - Mr. Percy Cleydon, Social and Welfare Manager of The Standard Motor Co. Ltd., has retired at the age of 65.
  • Blood Donors - Period article from the in-house BL/Triumph newsletter dated 1979.
  • Tony Gibbs – Cost Office - Following on from the Cost Office Part 1 (Part 2 to follow shortly), this little snippet has been found from 1979.
  • Fred Stanton - FRED STANTON, known as the “Nut and Bolt king” in the Herald ‘ Paint & Trim Stores, Canley, retired last month.
  • TR6 Production - Another great photo from Mike Winterton, this time part of the TR6 line, Mike thinks probably 1975 or possibly 1976.
  • Tom Neary – Maintenance Department - Tom Neary , of Maintenance Department, Canley, was presented with a sum of money from the department when he retired after many years’ service. Mr. E. K. Wadsworth, Works Engineer, made the presentation.
  • Mark McCombie - I started work at Standard Triumph in the summer of 1971 working at the Tile Hill training school. I progressed to become a trimmer working at Canley and also at the Service Department at Allesley.
  • Assembly Hall 1965 - A good interior photograph of the new Assembly Hall, nicknamed the Rocket Range.
  • Ivy Cottage – Demolition - A sad photo taken just prior to the demolition of Ivy Cottage.
  • Schedule Control - Outside the New Assembly Hall, Canley, are the personnel of Schedule Control — happily looking forward to working on big orders for our new models !

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