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D'Arcy, John
I worked there from 75 til it closed in 80. First 3 years as a trainee so had about 6 months in various depts over the first 3 years...gearbox assembly, rocket range, spares, what was still known at that time as the Herald trim too etc. Ended up there when I finished my training in 78. Many happy memories of some wonderful people and Christmas time in there was just the best! Festooned in decorations and music playing away...a much happier workforce than any I worked in since.
Submitted by: John D\'Arcy

Daffron, G
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Daniels, Colin
Finance Director c1975/76
Submitted by: Mike Winterton

Darkins, Harry
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Darlow, C
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Davenport, Brian
Worked at Canley during his years there working on Stag, TR productiions. Left on closure. During his time there he saw many changes, etc and remember Red Robbie calling them out on strike. He use to be coached over to Honeybourne to work on cars held there.
Submitted by: Davenport, Caroline

Davidson, Ian
Commercial Apprentice 1970-1976 then worked in Plant Director Fred Young''s Office for 12 months before becoming Staff Relations Officer based in Ivy Cottage. Left in 1978 moving to Bickenhill offices, before working back at Canley in Human Resources HQ 1980-1987
Submitted by: Ian Davidson

Davies, Bill
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Davies, Celia
Celia married and became Maule from memory. Worked in Purchase Timing in Fletch North late 1970s.
Submitted by: John Cremins

Davies, Clive
Engineering Development Department 1970's More
Submitted by: Malcolm Whittaker

Davies, DianeSubmitted by: Mile Winterton

Davies, Edward
I worked there until it closed in 1980. Finished fitting head lamp on the T R 7
Submitted by: Edward Davies

Davies, Len
Production buyer in Fletch North until about 1980.
Submitted by: John Cremins

Davies, Vinnie
Rocket Range
Submitted by: John D\'Arcy

Davis, Bill
On 18 August 1970, Standard – Triumph was renamed simply as Triumph and Bill Davis, George Turnbull’s deputy at Austin-Morris. became chairman and chief executive of Triumph.
Submitted by: Triumph Works Achive

Davis, J N
Recreation secretary, c1961
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Davis, Peter
I started at Capmartin road on the gear box section under Jimmy Hope the chargehand. The foreman was a man named Willdig, this was in 1965. In 1967 I was transferred to the Tinsmith dept at Canley as a Tinsmith Welder and there I remained until plant closure, these were the best years of our lives, when mates were mates and helped each other, so many tales to tell and so many memories. (Peter we love the hear the memories, which is why we set up the site - ED)
Submitted by: Pete Davis

Davison, Paul
I started at Standard Triumph as a 15 year old boy as a trainee trimmer in 21 shop in August 1964, then moving to Herald trim, 15 shop, rocket range final finish. I enjoyed that start to my working life before moving to work in a bank in 1975. I still meet a couple of Triumph workers on my travels from time to time, but I would think a great many from that era have long since left this world. I recently did a GT6 headling and trim work for a man who had rebuilt one for pleasure in Balsall Common with which he was very pleased.
Submitted by: Paul Davison

Davy, J R
Historian for early Standard cars. Standard Register, Author and all round good egg who seemed to be one of the only employees who could see the benefit of recording and documenting the early history of the start of Standard and Triumph. Full article to follow
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Dawson, W. Nicholas (Nick)

Dawtry, Lewis H
Research and Development c1959 Dawtry was present c1938 in Standards Technical Office
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Day, Arthur
Foreman. Arthur's identical twin brother worked at the Radford plant
Submitted by: Roger Day

Day, Ernest
Radford Plant. Ernest's identical twin brother was a Foreman at Canley
Submitted by: Roger Day

Day, Wal
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

de Berner, Stuart
Public Relations and Advertising c1959 Organised launch of Triumph Herald at the Royal Albert Hall. Organised press launch, trial in Ireland.
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Dean, Eric
Toolsetter 1962
Submitted by: John Jones

Debney, Colin
My Dad worked there is the 60/70's in Inspection - Colin Debney - he sadly passed away in 1985 aged 53.
Submitted by: Cheryl Barnacle

Delargy, P J
(Standard Motors Amateur Boxing Club) Champion (Weight unknown) 6th March 1953
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

Denny, Ray

Dent, Margaret
Started c1956. I worked there in specification dept banner lane, sales dept canley and the overseas manufacturing tile hill till Leyland took over and made redundant like two thirds of the office staff. I saw the Herald launch at the Leofric Hotel
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Devine, EricSubmitted by: Alan Goodwin

Dewis, Joan
My nan drove the first TR3 of the line. We have the official press release photos. I will dig them out.
Submitted by: Ben Moore

Dewis, Mick
Body drop Barb line
Submitted by: Hayley (Mick\'s daughter)

Diane Winterton
1969 to 1973 - worked as a secretary for Hugh Climie (Company Secretary & Solicitor) and then Alan Edis - Product Planning Divisional Manager before leaving to work at Longbridge, with Alan
Submitted by: Michael Winterton

Dick, Alick Sydney
Managing Director from 1954 to 1961 Joined Standard Motor Co., Ltd., as an apprentice in 1934. More
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Difford, Ken
My mum and dad worked at the triumph through the 60s (Dad died aged 43). Mum worked until she retired at 60 ( ran the buffet on nights). Their names were Elsie and Ken Difford.
Submitted by: Lyn Todd

Diver, John
Paintshop. 1960-1980
Submitted by: E, Diver (Mrs)

Dixon, Frank B
Managing Director, Standard-Triumph (Liverpool), Ltd (Speke)

Dixon, John
I joined from school at the age of 15 in 1959. I was a trainee trimmer. Initially working on the Standard Vanguard and TR range making and fitting the trim. I then moved on to the "Rocket Range" (Herald production line) making and fitting seats and trim. Not sure if you are aware why they called it the Rocket Range? It was because the cars came of the line so fast it was like a rocket! I carried on working there till I was 18, then moved on to Humber/Routes at Humber Road, then Massey Ferguson at Banner Lane. Finally ended up building an IT company and selling it some 7 years ago and am now retired. I do remember being told in the early days I would finish my work by lunch time, and then went to see my Foreman, and being told to go and see my shop steward, who told me off. We were forever being told to walk out over something, never did find out why. Also remember the time when they kept on losing the chrome TR wire wheels, and eventually found out that the site workmen where taking them out in wheel barrows full of rubbish through the main gate!!
Submitted by: John Dixon

Doherty, Liam
Worked as a Setter at Canley from early 1950's until 1981
Submitted by: Liam Doherty

Donoghue, Jim
DOS (Drawing Office Services) Click Here For More
Submitted by: Mike Winterton

Dorr, MarshallSubmitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Downes, John
Track and stores worker
Submitted by: Su Downes

Downes, Nick
Worked in the Herald Trim Shop
Submitted by: Nick Downes

Downs, Albert
Worked for Standard Triumph in the 1930's and throughout the war - Banner Lane - and then with Massey Ferguson until his retirement in the early 1970's.
Submitted by: Christine Susnik (née Downs) - his daughter.

Dowsey, Joe
Maintenance Superintendent Maintenance Dept Fletch South c 1971-80
Submitted by: Alwyne Bates

Dowson, Roger
Experimental Dept. Engineer 1967-1978 Roger joined the Triumph competition department, which was under Leyland’s control then, in 1967 when the official works team had been disbanded, but the competition shop was still involved with preparing cars for privateers like Bill Bradley who was racing his Spitfire which we looked after, and we also prepared Triumph 2000s for Roy Fidler. Our competition shop was at the back of Fletch North then where we had our own small department. Ray Henderson ran the department with Peter Cox as charge hand and the other lads in the department included Pete Clarke, Brian Spencer and Roger. In 1974 moved out of the Competition shop and Pete Cox went to press cars, and Pete Clarke and Roger moved into the main experimental shop on general experimental work for production. But the car industry under Leyland control then was in turmoil and when the three day week started.
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

Dowty, Joe
Maintenance Superintendant
Submitted by: Alwyne Bates

Draper, Herbert Maurice
Press Shop Foreman
Submitted by: Jane Branson-Clayden (nee Draper)

Draper, J
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Draper, Jack
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Draper, Richard
Press Shop
Submitted by: Jane Branson-Clayden

Drew, DerekSubmitted by: Eileen Hollins

Duggins, George
Purchasing Timing Analyst with JRT at Fletch North, now a senior Coventry Councillor
Submitted by: John Cremins

Duguid, Alma
Married Coventry Bees star Les Owen
Submitted by: Midland Red

Dunlop, Bill
Foreman - Canley
Submitted by: David Dunlop

Dunn, Harold Bertie
b: March 31, 1909 Started career with Cross and Ellis of Coventry; later joined Standard Motor Co., Ltd. Governing Director, Coventry Hood and Sidescreen Co., Ltd Coventry; joined the Coventry Hood and Sidescreen Co., Ltd. (of which his late father was Founder Director) in 1935; Works Manager, 1939; Director, 1941; became Managing Director in 1953. later succeeding his father as Governing Director.
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Dunne, Veronica
Powers Card Room c1959
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Durand, G E
Spares Manager c1959
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Dutton, Dave
Foreman, Barb Line in the Rocket Range c1960's
Submitted by: Ian Elmer

Dyke, Fred
New car sales
Submitted by: Paul Bagley

Dyne, Chris
Rocket Range. I painted my initials with black mastic under the wheel arch of that last Spitfire as it came off the line.
Submitted by: Chris Dyne

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