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Fairweather, Alan
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Falloon, JohnSubmitted by: Alan Goodwin

Farrell, Larry
Fork Lift, Machinist. Larry told a little white lie when he started working at the Standard Triumph Canley plant in 1955. Larry was just 19 when he started as a fork-lift driver and machinist but he and his pals told bosses they were 21 so they could get more cash. We never got caught because they had an 'age amnesty' when they brought in pensions in 1975 and we had to declare our ages. Larry loved working at the plant and says there was an incredible social scene surrounding the thousands of workers.
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Farrier, Bill
My dad worked there Bill Farrier
Submitted by: Pauline Ann Sadler

Faulconbridge, George
I worked at the Standard Triumph 1969-1970
Submitted by: George Faulconbridge

Faulkner, Gary
Auto Electrician 21 Shop May 1976

Faulkner, Harry
Company Electrical Engineer
Submitted by: Morley Faulkner

Faulkner, Maldon
Reception Engineer Allesley Crash Shop 1958

Faulkner, Morley
Apprentice Toolmaker, R&D Fletchamstead, Competition Dept. 1957 - 1967 More (Thank you for the submission Morley - please drop an email with an details you can on your time at ST - )
Submitted by: Morley Faulkner

Faulkner, Phillis
Worked in upholstery, then visitor receptionist
Submitted by: Morley Faulkner

Fay, T.P
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

Feeney, Paul

Fenwick, Barry
Bricklayers mate, Maintenance Dept Fletch South c 1971-80
Submitted by: Alwyne Bates

Fidler, RoySubmitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Fielders, Noel
Specifications Manager Click Here For More
Submitted by: Mike Winterton

Fife, Baz
Worked at Allesley Services
Submitted by: Andy Berdauskas

Fisher, Lilla
Secretary to Ken Richardson
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

Fisher, Walter Lawrence
b: July 7, 1886 Indentured apprentice; drawing office and technical.
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Fitzpatrick, John
Fletch North, Canley. Training officer
Submitted by: John Cremins

Fitzpatrick, Mary
Wages Office, Fletchamstead c1959
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Flanagan (Bud), Harold
Submitted by: Standard Triumph Works Archive

Flanagan, H
No 1 Shop, Canley 1959 Works Bowl Club Committee
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Fletcher, D
Foreman, Production Control 1961
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Flint, Jill
Worked in the export department from 1976-1979 on fletchemstead highway. Redundancies came about. Moved all spares to Cowley and some staff managed to transfer to the jaguar browns lane. Fan job big open plan office with different sections. Would think prob around 90 staff. My dad Edward teggin worked at the standard as a toolmaker prob 1954-1974
Submitted by: Jill Flint

Ford, Roy
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Ford, Syd
My dad Syd Ford worked at Canley. Think he started when it was The Standard and went through lots of changes before moving to Gaydon then he retired. He was also involved with the Football team. Used to go as a child and even sat in some of the new cars on colder days to keep warm.
Submitted by: Sue Kilbey

Forrest, Bill
No 5 Machine Shop
Submitted by: Alex Murray

Forrest, Tom
No 5 Machine Shop
Submitted by: Alex Murray

Foster, Les
Carpenter, Maintenance Dept Fletch South c 1971-80
Submitted by: Alwyne Bates

Fox, Graham
sheet metal worker
Submitted by: Graham Fox

Fox, Maurice
My Father in law Maurice Fox who lived in Arley worked there my husband thinks from sometime in the fifties to early seventies. He used to work at the factory as we think a capstan operator charge hand. Maurice would work at the factory in the week then evenings and weekends he qualified as a driving instructor . He got so busy driving instructing that he finally gave up Standard Triumph and set up Woodside driving school. We also think Maurice's brother Stan Fox worked there, also from Arley.
Submitted by: Fox, Christine

Francis, E
Tinsmith c1959
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Francis, Sybil
Powers Punch Room, c1959
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Frederick, Betteridge
Foreman in the Herald Assembly Track in Rocket Range.
Submitted by: Aubrey Betteridge

French, Alfred Gerald
My dad worked there Alfred Gerald French
Submitted by: Elaine Clark

French, Jim
My dad worked at Torrington Avenue body in white where they started life before transported to canley his name is jim french and we lived in tile hill...sitting with me 92 Years old. Was in paint spraying, under sealing then moved to canley to become inspector
Submitted by: Peter French

Friswell, Charles
Chairman, 1909
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Froggatt, GeorgeSubmitted by: John D\'Arcy

Frost Arthur (Sergeant)
Corps of Commissionaires at Standard (ST Police) Read More Here (1900 - 1969)
Submitted by: Triumph Works Archive

Frost, Cliff (Jack)
Cliff started as an apprentice toolmaker in around 1949. He spent most of his time in the Tool Room at Canley, fifteen years of those on permanent nights. In about 1973 he had to come off nights and out of the Tool Room because he contracted bad dermatitis in his hands. He then spent the rest of his time until redundancy in 1980 working on days in the Standards Room.
Submitted by: Steve Frost

Frost, JoanSubmitted by: Carmel Langdon

Furness, Raymond
My grandad did! Raymond Furness, does anyone remember him?x
Submitted by: Molly Georgia

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